Do you pay too much for your loan

There can be a lot of money to save

At Good Finance, we have made an inventory of how much our users save by obtaining offers for loans from several banks. In addition to saving a lot of time by only having to fill in one application, they save on average around DKK 12,500. The savings are calculated as the difference between the loans they accept and the most expensive loan offers they have received.

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Additional savings on current and new loans

In addition to the savings on the loans offered by Good Finance, the savings the user obtains by, for example, collecting several smaller loans or more expensive loans will come to us a new creditor.

Many people do not get more loan offers themselves

Although there is a lot of money to save, a study by Good Finance shows that borrowers very rarely get loan offers from several banks. It is regardless of whether they are looking for a new loan or just want to investigate whether they can get a cheaper rate than the one they already pay. One of the reasons is probably that the user himself has had to apply to each bank and subsequently try to compare the offers.

You save a lot on big loans

Not surprisingly, our data shows that the big savings are especially seen on the larger loans. For example, users who have applied for and raised loans in the amount of DKK 60,000 – 150,000 have saved everything from DKK 10,000 to well over DKK 50,000 for the same loan amount with the same maturity. You save a lot of money by using a service such as Good Finance that collects more than one offer for you.

But it is not just the big amounts that we see big differences in the offers from the banks. Therefore, regardless of the loan size, you should consider whether it is a good idea to compare loan offers before taking out a loan, or regularly check whether you can pay less for the loans you already have.

Good Finance gives you the necessary overview

Whether you need help checking the interest rate on your loan, or want to find a low interest rate loan. Then Good Finance helps you.

We are an independent platform that fights for transparency in the Danish loan market. We believe that everyone has the right to full transparency in a complex loan market.

We collect and compare personal loan offers from several reputable banks. Simply fill out a single loan application, and we will help you get the necessary overview. Then you choose the best loan offer with peace of mind.