How do I redeem my quick loans – Make it through a collectible loan

Several quick loans with different loan providers

It may happen that during periods of his life one has needed to borrow money several times.

However, in some situations it can quickly become unmanageable to remember which creditors you owe money and how much debt you actually have. It is therefore relevant to consider how best to get control of its quick loans.

Get an overview

It is recommended that you first of all try to create an overview of your loans. On your online bank or through Good Finance you can see who you owe money and how high the monthly benefit is. If you are unsure what your residual debt is, try calling the various lenders.

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Can I redeem quick loans before time

When it comes to unsecured loans, such as covering consumer credit and quick loans, you can always settle your debts ahead of time. According to Danish law, you can always redeem your debt at no cost if it happens within the 14-day cancellation right from the day you signed the loan document.

If you wish to do so outside the right of withdrawal, you should always contact the lender and ask for the total residual debt.

You must be aware that any set-up costs that you have paid in connection with the creation of the loan will not be downgraded if you choose to settle your debt in advance. That is, the costs you have incurred in setting up the loan have been paid.

Repay more per month

If you can’t pay off your entire debt at once, if you have enough air in your finances, you can pay a higher amount than the stipulated monthly service. The more you pay off on the loan each month, the sooner you become debt free. Another option is to take a collectible loan.

What is a collectible loan

A collectible loan is when you collect your debt in one place. By borrowing a collectible loan you can collect all your loans with one bank.

In this way you only have to pay for one loan provider every month instead of several different ones. Thus, you get a greater overview of how much you have to pay each month.

The advantage of collecting loans is also that it is usually cheaper to have a large loan in one place rather than having a lot of small loans to pay off.

In addition, for many, it also gives more peace to the stomach, precisely because one only has to keep track of one creditor.

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Always check the market

It is always important to examine your options no matter what loan you want to take. There can be a lot of money to save when you compare loan offers from several banks. This also applies to loan loans.

But instead of having to fill out an application with each bank, Good lender has made this process much easier.

You just fill out one application at Good lender, which is automatically sent to the banks with which we cooperate.

Each bank assesses your application individually and returns with a personal loan offer that you can easily and easily compare. You accept the best loan, after which the bank transfers the money to your account.

Our users save time and money

Besides that our users save a lot of time, they actually save a lot of money. Our data shows that the users save on average DKK 12,500 (figures from 2018) by choosing the cheapest loans.

It is absolutely free and non-binding to use Good lender.

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